Quarters, Halves and Full Beef


Our beef will be sold in full, half or quarter sections at a cost of $3.65 per pound of hanging weight which includes all standard processing. A deposit will be required in order to hold your reservation. For a full beef the deposit will be $700, a half $350 and a quarter is $175. This deposit will only be refundable if a replacement is found to cover your costs of the meat. If no replacement is found, the deposit will cover the charges we will incur from the butcher for processing. The table below shows an estimate for a quarter. Please double it for half or multiply by 4 for full.

We will provide you with the butcher’s information around the day the beef is brought to the butcher. You will need to contact the butcher directly in regards to which cuts you would prefer. All orders will be picked up by us and brought back to the store. We will call you once your beef has been completed with a date of pick up. Please pick up your beef within 5 days. If you would like delivery, please let us know at the time of purchase.  

Take home weights are approximately 60% of the hanging weight. Please refer to the tables below for an estimate of the amount of beef you can expect to take home. Take home weight will be dependent on cuts chosen at the butcher. Please note these are all estimated numbers as each beef will have different weights.

After the final weight is received from the butcher you will receive an invoice to pay the remaining amount owed minus the deposit. This payment is required within 5 days. Failure to pay amount owed within 5 days of invoice will result in the loss of your order and the order will be provided to the next available person. You will also lose any deposit that was required previously.

We pay all standard processing charges. Any special cutting or processing charged by the butcher for extra items will be due at the time of pick up or delivery. 

Quarter Cow

Live Weight


Approx Hanging Weight


Approx Take Home Weight


Approx total for quarter beef at $3.65/lb